HealthCorps® is a 501 (c) 3 founded in 2003 by heart surgeon and Daytime Emmy Award-winning host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa to combat the childhood obesity crisis. HealthCorps® is building a nationwide movement to shape a new generation.

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Need some tips on how to better manage anxiety and stress? Here are some tips to get you started. 

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How do you like to start your mornings? Try a sun salutation or a few other yoga pose.

Did you know that vitamin D is “a hormone that’s made in the skin by the action of sunlight?” Celeste Headlee of NPR’s Tell Me More sits down with NYU’s Marion Nestle, professor of Nutrition, to tell us more about vitamin D. 

New research reveals that our cognitive skills start to decline in our mid-twenties. While that may be the case, “the brain makes up for some of the deficit in a variety of ways: by relying on experience to anticipate and more accurately predict upcoming tasks, as well as by employing mental shortcuts such as eliminating extraneous information and paring down incoming information to just core nuggets of relevant material.” As we slow down, our intelligence at least seems to stay intact. 

What do you know about quinoa? The New York Times shares its top five facts about this superfood. 

Everyone knows water is good for you (and free of calories), but boosting it with some electrolytes can keep you better hydrated. Add a pinch of sea salt and half a lemon to an 8-ounce glass of water. The minerals from the salt will help your body hold onto the water for longer, and the lemon will add a tasty zest. Drink three of these a day to stay energized all day long.

Feeling like stress is interfering with your run? Here’s some advice on how to make your run less stressful!

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“‘Your life shouldn’t revolve around what you eat and how you exercise,” Amy Barras, a Healthcorps coordinator at Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Ore., told me. I eat healthy and I exercise, but that’s the backbone of my life, and the rest of it just falls into place.’ That’s the message she shares with her students at the school in an innovative program she helped create.

I had the honor of meeting Barras at the eighth Annual Gala for Healthcorps. Healthcorps is Dr. Oz’s foundation that aims to counter childhood obesity through mentoring programs in schools. Barras’ program, Fit to Live and Learn, was the subject of a documentary that was shown at the event. The film, The Heart of the Matter, follows students in the program and shows the positive impact it has had on their lives.” - Karl Romain from Huffington Post 

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