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Wellness Wednesday Roundup

While the old saying goes that it’s best to take things in moderation, for rice there’s a specific reason why that’s true. Researchers recently discovered that “if the fields are flooded in the traditional paddy method… the rice handily takes up arsenic. But if the water is reduced in an effort to limit arsenic, the plant instead absorbs cadmium — also a dangerous element.” While eating rice will not threaten your health for now, it’s safer to eat less rather than more. 

Could there be a negative consequence for categorizing obesity as a disease? Social psychologist Crystal Hoyt believes that with the addition of the label, it leads to the belief “that weight’s unchangeable and attempts at weight management seem pointless.” Though on the other hand, the label does help to remove the belief of obesity being caused by a lack of control or the “shame of obesity as a moral failing.

Feeling stressed? Try getting a massage to help relieve your stress. According to Huffington Post, it may have even more benefits outside of stress relief. Have you made your appointment yet? 

Are you a fan of juicing? While it may be an easier way to get your full servings of fruits and vegetables, it may be become an unhealthy habit in the long run. 

Here are few tips on how to cook vegetables!

Meet Melissa from BCL Fitness

Until about five years ago, Melissa worked in the music industry for the majority of her career. Moving up the ladder from her internship to a director’s position, she was even featured in Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 under 30” executives. Despite travelling the world and interacting with high profile celebrities and executives, her health interfered with her enjoyment of her successes. She was 300 pounds, walking with a cane and feeling miserable. After her weight loss surgery, she took back control of her life through getting a nutritionist, facing her personal demons and improving her relationship with food. Her healthier choices gave her a new lease on life and five years later she left the music industry.

How did she decide to pursue a career in fitness over music?

“I decided that it was my mission in life. That I want to help people get out of their own way and help people do the same and transform their lives because the greatest gift to me thus far has been that transformation.”

Her dedication to leading a healthier lifestyle led her to create her company BCL Fitness (Believe.Commit.Live).

What does she do with BCL Fitness?

“We do boot camps all over New York, we do personal training, and we do corporate team building boot camps. The idea is not just to come in and only work on your body. I felt that the fitness industry focused too much on building your muscles, working your muscles and the physical body. There’s a lack of work on the mind, body and spirit. BCL Boot Camp is: we’re running, we’re doing lunges, we’re jumping, we’re doing pushups but we’re also setting intentions. We’re setting commitments, we’re setting declarations, and we’re meditating.” Along with getting a good workout, she wants to make sure that her clients are creating healthier changes in their mental and spiritual health.

How does she focus on other aspects of overall wellness?

She builds a community among her clients through social media. She uses interactive challenges like her 30 day self-love challenge to keep her clients engaged in their own overall wellness. She draws from her own experience as inspiration for community challenges.

“When I was doing my whole transformation a few years ago, I really had to find out what I loved about myself. After I lost all the weight, I didn’t know who I was looking at in the mirror. I had to really evaluate what do I love about myself and how do I build my self-love. So every day I would look in the mirror and I would find something new to love. I built who I am now based off of that. I wanted to share that experience with people that may be struggling with self-love. I believe that the only way you can live the life that you want is to love yourself first. And then if you made some room to love yourself first and make that as a priority, the rest would come. And so I wanted to open up to my community and say let’s do this together, let’s find out what we love about ourselves and share that with each other and discover some new things. I want to give a space for people to realize that being vulnerable and talking about how you feel is okay and you have help out there. ”

What do her clients have to say about BCL Fitness?

“One of my clients Sue has been coming to Boot Camps for over two years now. She sent me a note recently and said thanks for such a great class. It’s not often that there’s a space where we can challenge our bodies and also challenge our mind, body, and souls and really push ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. This really elated me because it made me feel like wow, she got it. She got the message of this BCL fitness. It’s to push yourself inside and out, to be the best version of yourself. I think one of my very favorite stories are seeing people towards the middle of the class, they are starting to get a little tired but then you just bring something out of them. It starts like setting an intention to make decisions, make them feel good about themselves, or something they are grateful for and then their energy just explodes. I think that moment of someone having a triumph moment in just a small simple exercise is so gratifying.”

At the end of the day, Melissa admits that since starting BCL Fitness, she believes that she’s found a truly fulfilling career:

“I’m so much more full in my body, mind and soul now than I ever was. It’s the most fulfilling thing that I’ve ever done with my life. I share everything about myself, I’m an open book. I always promise everyone that I would share every fear I have, every triumph, every failure, and everything about myself. If I can help one person feel a little nugget of hope rise so that they too can successfully live a life they want and take action on that hope, then I did my job.”


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