Childhood obesity has both immediate & long-term effects on health and well-being. #Healthcorps is shaping a new generation.

On our Tumblr page, we love to share tips, pictures, articles and recipes that align with our mission of healthy living. Let's make a difference together!


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    Dr. Oz announces our new partnership with the NBA at #Concordia14!

    Sending congrats to Candle Cafe on the release of their new vegan cookbook! We can’t wait to try out these recipes.

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    Childhood obesity affects more than physical health. Low self-esteem & stress caused by obesity influences mental health too!​ 

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    What’s just as important as healthier food choices? Healthier portion sizes!

    Who’s in the mood for chocolate?

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    Try these tips tailored to your workout schedule! 

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    Try this simple tips and make healthy living a part of your life! 

    What is your BMI and how does it play a role in obesity? Read more here: 

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